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Instagram: @eroynfranklin

Eroyn Franklin is a Seattle-based comics artist, illustrator, ceramist, public artist, educator, and occasional shadow puppeteer. She is a co-founder and the former Creative Director of Short Run Comix and Arts Festival.


Harborview Medical Center, Sound Transit, The Atlantic, The University of Washington, The Seattle Public Library, Washington State Historical Society, 4Culture, The Nib, Priorities USA, The Stranger, The Seattle Weekly, The Levee Breaking, American Typewriter, and others.





2003-2006                 BFA Photography - University of Washington. Seattle, WA

2002-2003                 Western Washington University. Bellingham, WA

1998-1999                   Cornish College of the Arts. Seattle, WA


2008-current              Freelance Illustrator, Artist, and Arts Educator. Paper Noises. Seattle, WA

2011-2018                    Creative Director and Cofounder - Short Run Seattle. Seattle, WA



2019 Artist in Residence - Facebook. Bellevue, WA

2018                           Artist in Residence - Caldera Arts. Sisters, OR

2017                           GAP Grant - Artist Trust. Seattle, WA

2016                           Individual Projects Grant - 4Culture. Seattle, WA

2016                           Visiting Artist - Washington State University. Pullman, WA

2014                            Short List for the Slate Cartoonist Studio Price - New York, New York                     

2014                            City Artist Grant - Seattle Office of Arts and Culture. Seattle, WA

2014                            Toonie Award for Outstanding Creativity in Alternative Comics - Cartoonists Northwest. Seattle, WA

2013, 2014                  Best American Comics: The Notable Comics of 2013 and 2014 - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Boston, MA

2010                            GAP Grant - Artist Trust. Seattle, WA

2010                            Individual Projects Grant - 4Culture. Seattle, WA

2009                           Xeric Self-publishing Grant - Xeric Foundation. Northhampton, MA

2007                           AAF grant - Allied Arts Foundation. Seattle, WA

2007                           Artist in Residence - Department of Safety. Anacortes, WA

2006                           Book Award - University of Washington. Seattle, WA

1998                            Nellie Scholarship - Cornish College of the Arts. Seattle, WA


2024 Untitled Public Art For Sound Transit Light Rail Station - Collaboration with Tory Franklin. Vinyl on Windows. Light Rail Station. Kent, WA

2015                            Harborview Medical Center Sky Bridge Installation - Collaboration with Tory Franklin. Vinyl on Windows. Harborview Medical Center. Seattle, WA


TBD                            Swelling Dwelling - Graphic novel

2018                           The Wilds - Screenprinted zine. Self-published. Seattle, WA

2018                           Vantage 3 - Illustrated zine. Self-published. Seattle, WA

2015                           Vantage 2 - Illustrated zine. Self-published. Seattle, WA

2014                            Roar Shock - Mini-comic. Published by Monofonus Press. Austin, TX

2013                            Making Tide - Mini-comic. Self-published. Seattle, WA

2012                           Vantage 1 - Illustrated zine. Self-published. Seattle, WA

2012                           Just Noise - Mini-comic. Self-published. Seattle, WA

2012                           Deluge - Mini-comic. Self-published. Seattle, WA

2012                           For The Record, I Know this is a Bad Idea - Mini-comic. Self-published. Seattle, WA

2012                           Sunder - Mini-comic. Self-published. Seattle, WA

2011                            Dear Dear - Mini-comic. Self-published. Seattle, WA

2011                            Detained - Graphic novel. Self-published. Seattle, WA

2011                            Sorry Sheets - Mini-comic. Self-published. Seattle, WA

2009                          Another Glorious Day at the Nothing Factory - Graphic novel. Self-published. Seattle, WA

2009                          The Here - Mini-comic. Self-published. Seattle, WA



2018                           Get Away (formerly The Cabin) - NOW anthology. Published by Fantagraphics Books Inc. Seattle, WA

2017                           Can Pop Up Clinics Save American Healthcare? - Web comic. Published by  

2015                           Bikram Addict - Eat More Comics anthology. Published by

2015                           How To Toss A Salad - Bloody Pussy: A Feminist Rag anthology. Seattle, WA

2015                           Pervert Power: Women, Feminism, and Porn - Web comic collaboration with Sarah Stuteville. Published by The                    

2015                           Nerd City Jocks - Web comic collaboration with Sarah Stuteville. Published by The     

2015                            Plantly - Collaboration with Tim Miller. Cold Cube 001 anthology. Published by Cold Cube. Seattle, WA

2014                            Bikram Addict - Web comic. Published by The     

2013                            Something Wrong - NO ME  anthology. Published by Profanity Hill. Seattle, WA

2013                            Jewel - Mutant #4 anthology. Published by Atomic Books. Baltimore, MD

2013                            Ring Worm - On Your Marks anthology. Published by Short Run. Seattle, WA

2013                            Selected Comics - Published by The Stranger. Vol. 23, No. 14, No. 13, No. 10, No. 8, Vol. 22 No. 45, No. 44, No. 42. Seattle, WA

2013                            Flashlight - Comic collaboration with Maged Zaher. Published by The Stranger’s Seattle A & P. Issue 8. Seattle, WA

2013                            Kim Thompson Memorial Comic - Comic. Published by The Stranger’s Seattle A & P. Issue 7. Seattle, WA

2013                            Freak Comics Day -  Anthology. Published by The Intruder. Seattle, WA

2013                            So Real - I’m Not Afraid to Love anthology. Published by Gridlords. Portland, OR

2012                            Республика Комикс - Anthology. Published by Live Bubbles. St. Petersburg, Russia

2012                            Sad Masturbating - Best Erotic Comics #3 - Anthology. Published by Last Gasp. San Francisco, CA



2011                            Tales of Two Sisters: Eroyn and Tory Franklin - The VERA Project. Seattle, WA

2010                            Detained - Gallery4Culture. Seattle, WA

2008                           Lack - Project Project. Seattle, WA

2008                           Landmark: Eroyn Franklin and Jenene Nagy - Crawlspace. Seattle, WA

2007                           Matter - Department of Safety. Anacortes, WA

2004                           Subscape - The Globe. Seattle, WA



2019 Comix for All -  City Hall Gallery. Seattle, WA

2018                            Flayed Corpse -  Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery. Seattle, WA

2017                            Cartooning: Sense, Nonsense, Applications - Curated by James Sturm. Clark University. Worcester, MA

2017                            Art to Read - Soil Gallery. Seattle, WA

2016                            Boom: Changing Seattle - Center for Architecture and Design. Seattle, WA

2016                            Northwest Alternative Comics Exhibition - Washington State University Museum of Art. Pullman, WA

2016                            Leprello's Erben Faltbucher in Literatur and Kunst - Universitatbiblioted Bochum. Bochum, Germany

2016                            Our Comics, Ourselves - Interference Archive. New York City, NY

2016                            Liberty Denied - Central Washington University Museum of Culture and Environment. Ellensburg, WA

2015                            Happy Together - Havana Biennale. Havana Cuba

2014                            Voices of the Immigration Station - Permanent installation. Collaboration between Inscape and Wing Luke Museum. Inscape. Seattle, WA

2014                            Cut Here - Reading Frenzy. Portland, OR

2014                            Inky Spokes - Tacoma Art Museum. Tacoma, WA & Georgetown Carnival. Seattle, WA & Make.Shift Art Space. Bellingham, WA & Gigantic Bicycle Festival. Centennial Fields Park, Snoqualmie, WA

2013                            Graphic Novel NW - Curated by David Lasky. Shoreline Community College. Shoreline, WA

2013                            Marathon - Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery. Seattle, WA

2013                            The Trees, The Trees - Vignettes. Seattle, WA

2012                            Handbound - Curated by Eroyn Franklin and Kelly Froh. SOIL Gallery. Seattle, WA

2011                             Short Run - Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery. Seattle, WA

2011                             Skid Road to Floating World: Seattle Contemporary Drawing - Floating World. Portland, OR

2011                             Show and Tell - Cornish Gallery. Seattle, WA

2011                             One Mark to the Next - Drift Station. Lincoln, NE

2010                            Counterculture Comix - Bumbershoot Festival. Seattle, WA

2009                            Comic Savants - Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery. Seattle, WA

2007                            Art Market Mini - Tastes Like Chicken. New York, NY

2006                            Off Shore Project: Inflation - On The Boards. Seattle, WA



2019                           The Garden - Children’s story. Virginia Quarterly Review. Charlottesville, VA

2018                           Suffrage Centennial - Illustrations for the Suffrage Centennial. Washington State Historical Society. Seattle, WA

2018                           Get Away - Comic. REI. Seattle, WA

2018                           Picturing Trails - Trail promotion. 4Culture and King County Parks. Seattle, WA

2016-2018                  Website Illustrations - Website Illustrations. 4Culture. Seattle, WA

2018                           Frederick Douglass - . Illustration for D.I.Y. Resistance. Floating World. Portland, OR

2018                           Year of the Amphibian - Book Cover. Christopher Pickert. Seattle, WA

2017                           Mehndi - Movie poster. Sudeshna Sen. Seattle, WA

2016                           Haskell - Movie poster. Manner of Speaking Productions. Seattle, WA

2016                           Trump interactive comic - Interactive comic. Priorities USA. Washington DC

2016                            Naomi Siegel: Shoebox View - Record Design. Produced by Naomi Moon Siegel. Seattle, WA

2015                            Projects Grant Campaign - Illustrations and animation. 4Culture. Seattle, WA

2014                            Books on Bikes trailers - Vinyl Illustrations. The Seattle Public Library. Seattle, WA

2014                            Open 4Culture Comic - Promotional Comic Book. 4Culture. Seattle, WA

2014                            Viewbook - Illustrated Map. The University of Washington. Seattle, WA

2013                            The Woods - Cover Illustration. The Stranger Vol. 22, No. 28. Seattle, WA

2014                            Big Fiction No. 4 - Book Cover Illustration - Big Fiction. Seattle, WA

2012                            Family Portraits - 70 drawings for the Private Collection of Joshua Powell and Jaimee Garbacik. Seattle, WA

2011                            Love/No Love Compilation - CD Illustration. Produced by The Levee Breaking. Seattle, WA

2011                            Bright Archer: Hidden Systems - Record Design. Produced by American Typewriter. Barcelona, Spain



2017                           Camp Thundercraft - Urban Craft Uprising at Camp Burton, Vashon, WA

2016                           Women in Comics - Hugo House. Seattle, WA

2016                            Artist Talk - Tether Design. Seattle, WA

2015                            Making Minicomics - Hugo House. Seattle, WA

2015                            Minicomics Workshop - King County Library. Kent, Valley View, Lake Hills, & Issaquah, WA

2015, 2016                  Minicomics Course - Summer at Cornish, Cornish College of the Arts. Seattle, WA

2015, 2017                  Graphic Novels and Jewish Memory - University of Washington. Seattle, WA

2014                            Graphic Artists Panel with Jim Woodring and Megan Kelso - Graphic Artists Guild. The Seattle Design Center. Seattle, WA

2014                            My Favorite Things Tour - The Seattle Art Museum. Seattle, WA

2014                            The Nothing Factory Reading - The Richard Hugo House as part of APRIL Festival. Seattle, WA

2014, 2015                  Storytelling with Voice - University of Washington. Seattle, WA

2013                            Swelling Dwelling (shadow play) - Fantagraphics Follies. Bumbershoot. Seattle, WA & Gridlords. Hollywood Theater. Portland, OR

2013                            Artist lecture - Cornish College of the Arts. Seattle, WA & University of Washington. Seattle, WA

2013                            Pow Bang - Velocity Dance Center. Seattle, WA

2013                            Self-publishing small press - Edmonds Community College. Lynnwood, WA & Seattle Central Community College. Seattle, WA & NOVA High School. Seattle, WA   

2010-2012                   Detained - Olympia Timberland Library. Olympia, WA & Stumptown Comics Fest. Portland, OR & Gallery4Culture. Seattle, WA

2012                            Alternative Festivals Panel - The Projects. Portland, OR

2011                             Tales of Two Sisters - Cornish College of the Arts class visit. The Vera Project, Seattle, WA



2007-2016                 Secretary and Board Member- The Seattle Globalist (formerly The Common Language Project.) Seattle, WA

2003-2005                Co-founder - S.S. Marie Antoinette Art and Music Venue. Seattle, WA

2003                           Founder - After School Special (A Guide for Emerging Artists.) 2-day Lecture Series for b Gallery. Bellingham, WA



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