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The Wilds can be seen as a kids book, a sculpture, a zine, or a fine art print. However you want to categorize it, it's a celebration of the idea that even when we feel most alone, we never truly are. When you first hold the book, there is a single woman peeking out of the woods with an ambiguous expression. Once you open up the accordion, a whole world of lovable weirdos emerges who are playing, dancing, balancing, piling, and stacking. This sculptural book displays well on any desk or shelf that needs a splash of color or playfulness.

  • Sculptural zine

  • 2-sided 2-color silkscreen print

  • Unfurled size: 12"H x 18.5"W

  • Packaged size: 12"H x 2.25"W

  • Copyright 2018

  • $8