Eroyn was born somewhere but spent most of her life in Texas.  Some days she regrets this fact, some days it doesn’t bother her.  She has been living in and around Seattle for a little over a decade and generally likes it.  Except for all the new condos and gentrification.

Her dad is a geologist and her mom is awesome.  Eroyn and her sister are really close when they are not annoyed with each other.  If it weren’t for her sister, Eroyn would probably be an accountant, not that there is anything wrong with being an accountant. (check out the sister’s art:  Eroyn spends way too much time alone at her drafting table but she compensates by walking around a lot and biking around a medium amount especially in the nature.   She likes the things other people like: movies, books, music, food, travelling.

Eroyn started out thinking about being a photographer and even got a degree in the subject, but it took her eight years, three schools, and several breaks to do it.  Now she mostly cuts small pieces of paper and wants to make comic books and movies and write lots of letters.  If you send her your address via email or the snail sort, she just might respond. 

Eroyn is generally a very happy person, but there are deep chasms in places where chasms shouldn’t be.